“How To Write An Effective Media Kit” Ebook Affiliate Program

Affiliate Details for “How To Write An Effective Media Kit & Use It To Make Money”

Thank you for considering to sell “How To Write An Effective Media Kit & Use It To Make Money”.

The goal of the ebook is to “demystify” media kits and provide bloggers with the tools and resources necessary to to write their own media kit.

This 30-page book outlines…

  • Why agencies find it important for bloggers to have a media kit,
  • The value of surveys to mine deep insights from your readers and how to convert those insights into keywords companies desire,
  • Description of what components should go into a media kit,
  • A list of sample survey questions,
  • Examples of media kits,
  • 30-days to a media kit checklist,
  • and how to use it to make money.

Steps to becoming an affiliate:

  1. Become an affiliate for my e-books and earn 40% of all PDF sales made through your referral link.
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  3. Share How To Write An Effective Media Kit & Use It To Make Money with blogger friends who need to make a media kit. When they click your unique affiliate link and purchase the PDF e-book, you’ll earn 40% of the price that they pay.
  4. Get paid. There is no minimum payout, and you will be paid via PayPal the following month (by the 15th) for all previous month’s ebook sales.

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