“How To Write An Effective Media Kit & Use It To Make Money” eBook

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Could you describe your blog to a complete stranger in 30 seconds or less?

Could you tell them about your readers, stats, and accomplishments in your unique voice in less than a minute?

Essentially, 60 seconds is all the time a blogger has to make an impression with a brand or agency.

Are you prepared for those 60 seconds?

Can you succinctly show how your blog can solve a brand’s problem and is therefore worthy of getting paid?

You can if you have a media kit and know how to use it.

This is why every blog, regardless of size, needs to have a media kit.

A media kit is a blog’s resume. It’s simply a document that conveys the content, accomplishments, demographics, social media, and stats of your blog.

In How to Write an Effective Media Kit & Use It to Make Money, you will find…

  • Why agencies find it important for bloggers to have a media kit,
  • The value of surveys to mine deep insights from your readers and how to convert those insights into keywords companies desire,
  • Description of what components should go into a media kit,
  • A list of sample survey questions,
  • Examples of media kits,
  • 30-days to a media kit checklist,
  • and how to use it to make money.